Individual Designs

Every person is different and a unique tribute for your loved one can be designed by us, either using the wide range of Oasis products or by us creating something totally individual and unforgettable.

Please contact us using the enquiry form, telephone or by calling into the shop to discuss your requirements and we will be pleased to give you any advice and a quotation.

Ace of Hearts Ace of Hearts £125.00 Buy Info
Anchor Anchor £130.00 Buy Info
Angel Angel £125.00 Buy Info
Badged Wreath Badged Wreath £75.00 Buy Info
Beer Glass Beer Glass £95.00 Buy Info
Butterfly Butterfly £250.00 Buy Info
Car Bumper Car Bumper £300.00 Buy Info
Dog Lover's Tribute Dog Lover's Tribute £65.00 Buy Info
Fish Fish £175.00 Buy Info
Fob Watch Fob Watch £275.00 Buy Info
Football Football £120.00 Buy Info
Gates of Heaven Gates of Heaven £150.00 Buy Info
Gesture of Endearment Gesture of Endearment £295.00 Buy Info
Harp Harp £150.00 Buy Info
Horseshoe Horseshoe £135.00 Buy Info
Igglepiggle Igglepiggle £195.00 Buy Info
Land Rover Tribute Land Rover Tribute £195.00 Buy Info
Laurel Wreath Laurel Wreath £75.00 Buy Info
Memorial Hand Tied Bouquet Memorial Hand Tied Bouquet £80.00 Buy Info
Racing Pidgeon Racing Pidgeon £105.00 Buy Info
Rugby Ball Rugby Ball £95.00 Buy Info
Scrabble Heart Scrabble Heart £120.00 Buy Info
Shamrock Shamrock £160.00 Buy Info
Single Ended Spray with Railway Plate Single Ended Spray with Railway Plate £85.00 Buy Info
Small Horseshoe Small Horseshoe £80.00 Buy Info
Spade Spade £125.00 Buy Info
Star Star £95.00 Buy Info
Star Wars Star Wars £275.00 Buy Info
Sunflower Milk Churn Sunflower Milk Churn £140.00 Buy Info
Teddy Bear Teddy Bear £125.00 Buy Info
Teletubbies Laa Laa Teletubbies Laa Laa £175.00 Buy Info